Our services include one-stop designing, building, enhancing and maintaining lovely green spaces trough thoughtful planning, preparation, execution and post-construction maintenance and management services. We provide plants, materials and labour supply for your projects to be on time and to budget.

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The Landscaping Planning and Construction side of “Lovely Landscapes” has been a fast growing area and one in which we are proud to boast is our expertise and flexibility. Unique designs and combinations of water, rocks and plants mean that every site has its’ own touch and feel. You can be assured that we will never run dry on new ideas and concepts to suit all needs and desires.

Water has always held a fascination with many and we at “Lovely Landscapes” understands this. Water, whenever possible is an integral part of our design process. Water adds that extra dimension whether it be ornamental, functional or even just straight-forward fun. We can construct your water furniture, fountains, distribute water through efficient irrigation, effect a hydro Culture environment and of course build and maintain Beautiful Coy Carp ponds as well as even lakes if you have a suitable area and budget!!

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Lighting is another area where our designers at “Lovely Landscapes” are able to enhance and take to yet another level any environment, effective coloured lighting can change the ambience of an area and we use lighting to very good effect. Warm and Inviting, Moving and Living, as well as effective Security lighting Bright and Warning!

Your trees need never get out of hand as our tree surgeons are all highly qualified and we also obtain permits for any tree work required. There are many Protected Trees within Singapore and it is imperative that only qualified tree surgeons with correct permits be allowed to work on your trees. At “Lovely Landscapes” you can rest assured of the quality of workmanship and that all Legal aspects are taken care of for you.

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Wooden Decking is not something limited to Coy Ponds but also works well in many environments, we also specialize in Garden furniture and Wooden Fencing either internal to divide the areas ornament ally or externally for security purposes.

We have yet to mention Plant Displays, Shrubbery, Bushes, Ground Coverings, Lawns, Rock Gardens, Japanese Style Gardens, Herb Gardens and of course Orchids. We can supply you with Floral Arrangements and even Plant Rentals. To ensure that your “Lovely Landscape” is always in top condition we also have a General Cleaning Team, we call them our ‘Eco Warriors’.

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So come on in and join our many satisfied clients and enjoy your “Lovely Landscape”, watch it grow and evolve, your own ‘Creation’ in ‘Nature’ for ‘Green Lovers’ everywhere!