Our services range from the development of the overall garden design concept, to designing and implementing soft and hard landscaping, which includes choosing the right plants, laying lawns and pathways, constructing walls, as well as installing irrigation systems and providing continuous maintenance.

We will ensure that the whole process, from initial concept to project completion, is smooth and seamless and offers you value for money

Our ultimate aim is to design the right garden that not only gives pleasure, but also suits your lifestyle, matches the architecture of your home and adds value to your property.

The company’s technological capabilities cover electrical equipment, instrumentation, information processing and data communication, computer systems and control systems. These capabilities are provided as a comprehensive service integrating all the elements of project planning, engineering, construction and maintenance.

Our goal is to bring the garden to every household, commercial or industrial space.

Be it an HDB unit, apartment or factory space, we will apply our experience and resources to take you step-by-step from concept through execution to maintenance and upgrading so you can enjoy nature at your doorstep.

We can help you customize your indoor or outdoor space with creative hardscaping and softscaping ideas, water features, Koi ponds, sculptures, plants, lighting and decking to help you create a unique natural space that is functional, pleasing to the eye and relaxing.

Design And Build: Creative Ideas Make a Difference

Besides managing corporate and commercial projects, we can help the homemaker to turn their green ideas into reality: Our Design and Build team can guide you on how to make your garden space appealing and special.

We have a host of ideas to suit your aspirations, from a simple sustainable plant array to green wall solutions and tasteful and soothing water-adorned enclaves such as koi ponds and water features.

Lovely Landscape can build waterscapes, fountains, distribute water through efficient irrigation, effect a Hydro Culture environment and of course build and maintain beautiful Koi carp ponds or lakes.

Vertical Garden Walls:

One of our latest innovations has been Vertical Garden Walls which are space saving and bring fresh and flexible dimensions to greening of small spaces. These come with irrigation systems to ensure a neat, practical and soothing setting.


It should be no surprise that nutrition is vital to plants as it is to human growth, so we at Lovely Landscapes have not neglected this aspect. We have a wide range of exclusive fertilizers and supplements to add that final glow of health to your plants.

We have also formulated Organic Fertiliser packages that will ensure the sustainability of traditional or vertical garden spaces.

Retail: Our One-Stop Home

For your convenience, we have relocated to an easily-accessible new home at 32 Punggol East, opposite the Riviera (Punggol) LRT station. This is a one-stop retail showcase and family experience where you can aspire and acquire a piece of the Garden City experience.

With this expanded space, we will be able to showcase ready-made ideas and concepts to guide you on your gardening journey. Educate yourself and family members and arm yourself at our display and exhibit areas or sign up and attend our weekend talks. Spend time browsing our garden displays or talking to our qualified staff who can help you with requests and advice – all at one location. We encourage you to call us or visit us at 32 Punggol East,

Mondays – Saturdays 8am to 8pm.

Urban Farming: A New Idea that’s Ready To Go

Simply put urban agriculture is growing or producing food for personal consumption or sharing in a city or heavily populated town or city space. It has clearly become a popular and growing trend which is seen as achievable by everyone without any great effort. At Lovely Landscapes, we want to help you turn that unsightly desert on your balcony into a lush and tranquil hideaway. You will be surprised at the possibilities and you are only one step away.

Decorative Panels: Getting to the Next Level

For those of you who are ready for the next level, we have decorative solutions that will give you a bigger thrill.

With OutDeco decorative panels, we can help you can create and configure spaces that will give you memorable privacy and tranquil enjoyment. This will complement the vertical garden solutions helping to create imposing features you will feel proud of.

Timber Decking:

We provide charming real and synthetic wood timber decking customized to your needs (ornamental, functional security) and budgets.