Events/Other Services

  • Events and Plant Displays/Rentals:

We provide unique softscaping and variations using vertical wall creations for events such as Seminars, Weddings and Functions.

We supply Plant Displays/Rentals, Floral Arrangements, Shrubbery, Bushes, Ground Coverings, Lawns, Rock Gardens, Japanese Style Gardens, Herb Gardens and Orchids.

Other Services:

  • Tree Planting and Cutting:

We also provide tree planting and cutting services, which require specialised equipment and expertise. Lovely ensures quality of workmanship and care for trees, some of which may be protected by law, and that all legal aspects are taken care of.

  • Lighting:

This is another area where our designers can enhance the ambience and security of a green space

Renovation works:

  • The company also undertakes Electrical, Plumbing, Air con and Renovation works. These capabilities are provided as a comprehensive service integrating all the elements of project planning, engineering, construction and maintenance.